Domain Expert Signup

Domain Expert Signup

Thanks for your willingness to support an Arizona founder at Startup Weekend! 

As a Domain Expert you may be asked to take a short phone call (as little as 15-minutes), and provide help to a team based on your knowledge or experience in an industry or professional role.  You might be asked to participate in an interview, or answer a question about your industry, or help the team make an important connection.  

Since you are “on call”, there is no explicit time commitment (beyond the 3 minutes it takes to complete your professional profile).  This profile will be included in the event’s searchable directory.   To protect your privacy, this directory is limited to event attendees only, and key details like your cell phone number are further restricted to our leadership team (who will share it with teams on an as-needed basis). 

Domain Expert - Profile Setup

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  • This will become your "handle" and other attendees will be able to use your username to tag or message you using @username.